Flashpoint Chicago’s Covid-19 FAQs

We compiled the following questions to provide answers to your concerns relating to Columbia College Hollywood, Flashpoint Chicago, and the coronavirus. We will keep this updated, and it will be accessible online from the blog linked to the red ribbon at the top of the website and directly on our homepage. Please email flashpointcovid19response@Columbiacollege.edu  with additional questions.


Access to Campus

The summer quarter is scheduled to start on July 6. The majority of summer quarter courses will be taught remotely, but our hope is to be able to open check out to enable students access to gear and to allow small groups of students on campus for instruction. Our first priority is your safety and following the state and city’s directives.

Summer Quarter will start as scheduled on  Monday, July 6th virtually. We will begin classes online and plan to move any courses intended for on-ground instruction back as soon as the local government authorities deem it safe to do so.

No, not at this time. No one is granted access to campus right now. The building is locked, and there are no staff or faculty present.

Educational Continuity

Final exams for the Spring Quarter will be administered online according to the regularly scheduled exam period.

We understand it may be frustrating during this global pandemic to not have access to all of the tools and resources you are accustomed to having on Flashpoint Chicago campus. Arrangements are in place to give students access to the required software or an equivalent needed in each course. Alternative curriculum has been developed to teach techniques and equipment remotely. Please discuss further questions and concerns about best practices for adapting to virtual study with your instructors and department chairs. Your faculty is working hard to provide the most appropriate solutions for your academic needs to ensure educational continuity.

We do not recommend that seniors take time off from completing their degree.

For Seniors working on their Thesis Projects, your department chairs have created alternate paths for you to complete your thesis projects in order to keep you progressing towards your degree as planned.

At this moment, the Summer Quarter is expected to be delivered remotely. This global situation is too dynamic to make any final decisions, but we will announce any changes as soon as we are able to do so.

If any Flashpoint Chicago community member tests positive for COVID-19, please alert us by emailing covid19response@columbiacollege.edu. In accordance with HIPPA law, we will not disclose the identity of the community member. We will simply report the possible exposure to anyone who may have had contact in the past two weeks.


None. Any event scheduled to take place on campus between March 13th and July 6th is cancelled or will be rescheduled.

Based on the advice of public health officials and the restrictions put in place by city and state authorities in addition to our duty to prioritize the safety of our community, we regret to inform you that the FC Commencement ceremony scheduled for June 2020 has been postponed to December 2020.

Be assured, however, that once we are on the other side of this difficult and extraordinary time, we will celebrate together and hold an in-person graduation ceremony to properly recognize the Class of 2020. We will continue to provide the latest information as it becomes available. Please continue to check your FC email inbox, the college social media to stay most up to date on campus developments.


No. Despite all of the adapting we are doing as a community, the operating costs will remain the same and the College will continue to incur the same expenses. For example, Flashpoint instructors must continue to be paid, and they are putting in the same, if not more, work to maintain academic continuity for our students.

We know not being on campus is an adjustment. We are ensuring that the required educational outcomes are achieved regardless of modality. As outlined in the Student Handbook, if any student chooses to stay enrolled past add/drop for Summer Quarter, they will be responsible for tuition for the entire quarter. This policy remains in effect. As stated above, the operating costs for the institution will remain the same and the College will continue to incur the same expenses.

Stipend amounts will be administered via ACH electronic funds transfers. 

If stipend amounts are intended for the student, the student must complete a Direct Deposit Form authorizing the college to make a deposit. 

If stipend amounts are intended for a parent, guardian or other co-signer, that person must complete a Direct Deposit Form authorizing the college to make a deposit. 

To access Direct Deposit Form:



Students currently receiving Flashpoint counseling services will receive an email from their counselor confirming and/or rescheduling appointments that will continue to be offered via Telehealth. Students who are not currently receiving counseling services and need support may contact Stephanie Owen for assistance.

Flashpoint Chicago to temporarily transition to on-line learning and alternate modalities.

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