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Academic Assistance

The Academic Assistance Department provides students the supplemental instruction and support they require to take full advantage of the educational opportunities Flashpoint has to offer. Academic Assistance aims to maximize each student’s learning potential in order to help every graduate realize success in his/her chosen professional field. This is accomplished through tutoring and learning assistance, skills workshops, the Writing Lab, and the Math Tutoring Lab.

Academic Assistance is offered in the Writing Lab, Math Lab, and the Info Commons. Students can make an appointment with a member of the Academic Assistance team at, or drop in during normal campus hours.


At Flashpoint, we believe that written communication is a key component in a student’s academic and professional success. The mission of the Writing Lab is to encourage students to develop the skills and strategies they require to meet the specific needs of each student, tailored to his or her learning style. Assistance includes but is not limited to reading comprehension, learning strategies, study skills, organization, analysis of materials, and writing expertise.


Tutoring and learning assistance across the disciplines is provided in small group settings or on an individual basis. The goal of each tutoring session is to help students meet the academic challenges they face in an environment that provides them with confidence in their ability to think critically and work collaboratively. Writing Lab and Math Lab staff work in concert with Flashpoint faculty to help students reach a level of preparedness that enables them to achieve their full potential.


The Math Tutoring Lab provides assistance for class work, mathematical problem-solving strategies, or for feedback on computational assignments from discipline classes.

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