Andy Urquiaga

2015 Game & Interactive Media Alumnus

  • Program: Andy Urquiaga
  • Employer: InContext Solutions
  • Position: Game Engineer
  • Website:

Andy’s Story

The best aspect of working at InContext is definitely the work environment. It’s full of fun, positive, and hardworking people. The company really stresses craftsmanship and ownership of your work which helps me do the best that I can in a really positive way.

Job searching is very overwhelming, but I would say the best tactic to use during the job search is to try to talk to as many people as possible. Submitting a resume can only get you so far. Send emails and even phone calls. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and maybe send a quick “Hello” message. You are trying to show your ambition and stand out to your future employers.

My advice is to keep your goal visualized in your head at all times and don’t turn down an opportunity.  It gets tough trying to find a “dream job” and it’s important that it might not happen immediately. You have to stay open to all opportunities that come your way, you never know what they will lead to. Every step is a step closer to where you’re goal lies.

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