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In Flashpoint Chicago’s animation and digital art programs, students gain a diverse skill set focusing on visual aesthetics, creativity, problem-solving, and mastery of the industry’s most widely used tools.

Students interested in attending our school for animation and digital art can choose from the following options:

Animation + Digital Art Degrees:

Digital Media,
Major in Digital Art

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Degree Type:


Program Length:

3-4 Years

Job Placement:


Animation + VFX

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Degree Type:


Program Length:

1.5-2 Years

Job Placement:

Facilities & Equipment

Flashpoint graduates compete with graduates from the top animation schools in Chicago, in short, because of our school’s dedication to providing hands-on, practical training. With our project-based curriculum you will get to work on projects individually and with teams so you can bolster your portfolio of original animation and digital artwork. At Flashpoint, you will get the opportunity to work with real-world clients which will prepare you for life after college.

Flashpoint is a technological oasis in the heart of the Loop, Chicago’s thriving commercial and cultural epicenter. Flashpoint boasts a comprehensive set of tools and learning facilities for students to put to use throughout their time at Flashpoint. Highlights include:

  • 52-seat screening room
  • Dedicated animation labs with up to the minute software
  • Lighting and motion capture lab
  • Experiential design lab featuring a green screen cyclorama wall and full lighting grid
  • And much more


An animation school can help develop practical skills to help launch your career in animation or digital art, including:

  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Composition
  • 2D Image Manipulation

Animation + Digital Art Faculty

Being an animator or a digital artist involves more than knowing animation or digital art. Professionals in the industry have to be able to work with individuals in a number of fields. That is why our faculty is made up of working professionals. They provide our students with a cross-disciplinary experience, not just teaching them the necessary skills of the craft, but teaching them how to incorporate other disciplines to perfect their art.

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Previous Offerings

Below are programs some of our students are currently taking, but are no longer available:

BS in Digital Media, Digital Art

AAS in Animation + VFX

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