How I Got the Job: From Video Games to a Career in 3D Modeling

Lena Goodnough never expected that she’d be spending her days modeling roads and bridges. “I originally wanted to do video game design,” says the 2015 graduate of Flashpoint Chicago, a campus of Columbia College Hollywood. Though she had previously imagined herself crafting characters in games, Goodnough now works as a 3D artist for Parsons Corporation, […]

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A Brief History of Music with Visuals

In 1964 the Beatles gave us a precursor to visual albums with A Hard Day’s Night.  Since then, many artists have experimented with musical films, shorts, and visual albums, including Daft Punk, Kanye, Pink Floyd, and Beyonce. In 2018, Janelle Monae has created an  “Emotion Picture” with Dirty Computer.   Dirty Computer, an Emotion Picture […]

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Summertime Superheroes

It wouldn’t almost be summer without an action-packed superhero flick. This year the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave us Avengers: Infinity War and the Marvel cast of characters revisits the story of Deadpool with a sequel. These superhero stories are great examples of what can be done when film and visual effects combine to make thrilling […]

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My Industry Experience: How Chloe Koegel Made Career Connections

Three separate internships helped this Flashpoint Chicago student gain invaluable film industry experience. When Chloe Koegel was researching colleges, she was intrigued by the idea that she’d be able to make films as a student. “I loved that I’d get hands-on experience, instead of just reading about it,” she says. The Flashpoint Chicago junior has […]

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Three Sound Engineers to Know Today

Learn how Tom Dowd, Susan Rogers and Young Guru helped musicians shape their sound. They are the unsung heroes of the music industry. Recording engineers shape the sound of a song through a combination of technical expertise and artistic inventiveness. From selecting microphones and setting levels to editing and mixing, recording engineers might not get […]

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TFC Animator Programs

What’s the Difference Between a Graphic Designer and a Digital Artist?

Get to know the nuances between these two interesting career paths. “Graphic designers and digital artists both must be creative and possess excellent artistic and technical abilities. And while their skills often overlap, the results of their work and career paths can differ.” – Kieran Delaney, Faculty – Graphic Design Graphic Design and Digital Arts […]

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Animation Decoded: Why Are These 3 Films So Successful?

When animation is done right, it takes on an iconic status. But what makes an animated film successful? Is it storytelling, originality, visual effects, or some other combination? A bouncing task lamp. A cat-bus bounding over fields of wildflowers. A house pulled aloft by thousands of balloons. When animation is done right, it takes on […]

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Chicago river

3 Reasons To Attend Our Digital Media Arts Summer Camp – Chicago

Most of us have memories of summer camp experiences from our past. We remember week long crushes, friendships and the experience of being out on our own for the first time! This year we are so excited for what we have in store for our 2018 Digital Media Arts Summer Camp. Here are 3 reasons […]

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DSLR Canon Camera

3 DSLR Camera Settings You Wish You Knew

It can be tough looking for Film Degrees in Chicago that actually give you what you need. Learning by doing is how we teach. In this article Film Faculty John Otterbacher gives us 3 camera settings that will up the quality of any film project.  1. Frame Rate (24fps) Before there was digital video, everything […]

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It is Never Too Late to Go to Film School

Film Set Confessions: 8 Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

Whether it’s your first time on set, or your 50th, these film set etiquette from industry insiders will help you navigate from “action!” to “cut!” It takes a lot of people to make movie magic. From the director and high-level producers to grips, cable wranglers, and production assistants, a crew must work together effectively and […]

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