3 Non-Obvious Industries For Creative Job Opportunities!

When I was in high school I started working at Sunlite Music Studios in Owensboro, KY. I gained experience producing live sound, studio sound and worked under their videographer producing commercials and wedding videos. All jobs you would expect right?

After a couple years and a bit of video swagger under my belt, one of my dad’s friends gave me a call and said he had a project for me. He was a lawyer in town. When I arrived to his office I was caught by surprise when he told me,

“I have a client who was in a serious car accident a year ago. I would like to interview her on camera and put together a video on how her life has been effected since the accident.”

My eyes lit up!

Last week I sat down with Michael Galbincea (Mikey G) who is the chair of our Digital Art department here at Tribeca Flashpoint College and we discussed jobs for artists you never would have thought of.

1. Attorney’s Office/Litigation (Film, Graphic Design)

I was excited about the prospect of telling this woman’s story but didn’t quite understand why. As it turns out, this video was going to be presented in hopes that the case would be settled and not end up going to court.

After finishing the video in 2 days, I ended up making just short of $1,000 for that project. Not bad for an 18 year old!

Attorney’s can earn a substantial amount of money for their clients if they help them win a settlement. So you Filmmakers who are looking for extra cash, get in there!!

To go beyond filmmaking, every single case typically has a powerpoint presentation that these non-creatives put together that need someone to make look good. That’s where you Graphic Designers come in.

Think outside the box. What other industries use powerpoint everyday? These industries need someone to make those presentations look good. Let’s do what we do best and get creative!

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2. Healthcare Industry (VFX, Graphic Design, Interactive Media, Film)

While Mikey G. was at SXSW this past year he noticed that the Healthcare industry had a surprisingly large presents in communications alone producing $2 billion a year in this area.

This includes Instructional Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D modeling, VR and Graphic Design.

When Mikey G was a young, aspiring documentary filmmaker he started creating instructional videos for surgeons, using these same artistic skills to make a living. Again, these are jobs we artists typically don’t think of that use the skills we’ve developed while chasing our dream.

These jobs can aide us in making a great living and maybe accidentally giving us a career!

3. Mortgage Providers/Real Estate (Graphic Design, Interactive media)

Guaranteed Rate now owns our White Sox Baseball field. And guess what? They and other real estate providers and companies need designers to create the flyers they hand out and the interactive media we see on their sites and apps. I’m specifically pointing our Mortgage providers and real estate companies because they are not obvious.

However when you look around, every single corporation/business/attraction, whether that be McDonald’s (who is looking for a communications director at the moment) or a roofing company, are all looking for artists right now!!

Every flyer you see was a job!

If you are worried in the slightest about becoming an artist and being able to put food on the table then chin up! Right now is the best time to be an artist. We haven’t even talked about the millions of online content that we see everyday.

Work your butt off to get what you want out of life and you will realize the higher the goal the more work and time you will have to put into it. So in the meantime don’t you dare starve because the term “starving artist” is something they should teach in History Class!

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This article was written by Timmy Hart Barron. Timmy runs #TipsWithTimmy, a live show every Friday at 1PM via Tribeca Flashpoint College’s Facebook Page bringing young artists tips on how to not only create something awesome, but of quality. Timmy is an actor and comedian here in Chicago with a passion for everything digital media. You can follow Timmy’s personal journey via every social network @timmyhartbarron and his Youtube channel TimmyTV



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