4 Tips for Choosing Your College Major

4 Tips for Choosing Your College Major

Vanilla or chocolate? Cats or dogs? Blue pill or red pill?!

Choices are everywhere. We have been making them since day one. But while choosing between sweet and sour in the candy aisle can seem like the decision of a lifetime, it is nothing compared to choosing your college major.

I mean, your major decides…everything. Right? Who you spend your time with, what kind of job you can get, whether or not you’ll be successful, whether or not you’ll be happy and and and….WOAH!

Slow down.

Choosing a college major definitely isn’t easy, but it doesn’t determine your entire life, trust me. And if you need a helping hand, Tribeca FlashPoint is here to help. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to choosing a major in no time.

1. Try Out Different Classes

The number one thing you can do to pick your major is try out new classes. Nothing beats the experience of actually dabbling in the field you are thinking of studying. Regardless of a college’s program schedule, you should have time to take courses in multiple areas.

So make a list of your interests, check out the college’s course guide, and pick out some classes that you think will work for you!

2. Follow Your Passions, but Not too Carefully

If you don’t want to try out new classes and just can’t decide what you like best, try to follow your passion.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘If I can’t decide what I like, how do you expect me to follow my passion?’ Fair, I’ll explain. You might not know what you like in terms of classes or careers, but there is probably something you like to do in your free time. Take note of what you like to do when you are on your own and see if there is any field of study you can relate it to.

“I don’t like to do anything. I just watch T.V.” Alright, you might not have a specific hobby or interest, but you can still gain some insight from the things you do when you have leisure time.

Let’s take the example of watching T.V. What do you like about watching television? What kind of shows do you watch? What do you pay most attention to? Do you like the character dialogue? The beauty of the shots? A certain style of directing? Asking yourself specific questions even about the most mundane things you do can help you understand how your mind works and where your true interests are.

You’re probably wondering about the second part of this heading now huh? “Not too carefully.” I put this little warning in because passion is often romanticized. Even if you absolutely love something, it isn’t always going to be fun. There is hard work involved in every type of passion, hobby, career, etc. Don’t let a little hate every now and then deter you from your passion.

3. Think of your career and the lifestyle that goes with it.

You probably hear from the adult figures in your life that you should pick a stable field. “Go into something that will make you money,” “Don’t you want a secure job?”

These statements, no matter how much you hate hearing them, have some weight. When someone tells you to choose something that offers security, they are about half right in their thinking. Security is something you should consider, but not the only reason you should choose your major.

You should consider security because the major you want to choose, might not line up with the career or lifestyle you desire. For example, you might love to sing, but do you want to be a rockstar? Do you want to spend your life touring the country? This example is a little extreme, but these are truly things you need to consider when picking your major. You have to ask yourself: “What life will this major lead me to?”

4. Research

At the end of the day, nothing beats good old research. If you are trying to find the right major for you, look at testimonials from students who have been through the program before. Look into what you will actually be learning and if most people participating in the major program are happy with it. Dig deep and make a list of what you like and don’t like. If it comes down to it, you can make your decision based on facts you have found!

Choosing your major is difficult. It is. But your decision won’t decide your entire future. You can dual major, double major, switch majors or find a career in a different field than what you major in (people actually do it a lot). While it can cost more to experiment in many different fields, if you choose your classes well, it may not cost you a dime. So take a few deep breaths, follow the tips above, and think on it.

And if you need any more help, just take our Degree Program Quiz. It should provide you with some insight on what field of study is right for you!


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