Creating Order From Chaos – A Day In The Life of Post-Production

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Working as a video editor is a huge creative responsibility. From the silver screen to the television screen to the growing number of companies harnessing video marketing, there’s no shortage of ways to put post-production video editing skills to good use in a world that can’t seem to get enough video.

And positions in post-production aren’t just important – they’re in demand. The outlook for video editors is bright, with an increasing number of new job openings expected every year through 2024.

So if you’re the type of person who loves using the latest technology to tweak digital projects to perfection, you may want to consider a career in post-production.

A Day in the Life of a Video Editor

From shot selections and transitions to sound design and color correction, the video editor brings the director’s vision to life. With your ability to create order from chaos, you add the little touches that transform raw footage into a powerful, compelling story.

As an editor, you’re just as comfortable working with technology and logic as you are with tapping into your imaginative side. Using high-tech tools and your natural creativity, you collaborate with your team to make sense out of everything that has been shot and recorded, and it all starts in the editing suite.

Video Editing – Making Sense of It All

There’s a pile of raw footage that needs to be sorted and refined. In addition to creative thinking, a good understanding of how to tell the story, drives every decision you make: should a scene be paced quickly, or would slow shots add more drama?

Working in post-production editing, you’re well-versed in:

  1. Knowing when to cut
  2. Choosing the right take
  3. Guiding the viewer’s eye through smooth transitions

Whether you’re cutting a music video or pulling together a feature film, video editing means using your skills to make the project smooth and enjoyable for your audience.

Color correcting – More than Meets the Eye

Your footage is assembled – now it’s time to use color correction. The little choices you make here have a big impact on the quality and feel of your final product. During this phase, it’s your job to remove distracting elements that might draw your audience’s attention to the wrong things, or add or enhance color to heighten elements in the story.

Along with adjusting color, lighting is also adjusted during this phase. Because light conditions may change during the filming of a specific scene, it’s now your job to make these differences invisible by giving that footage consistency in brightness through each shot.

Audio Editing and Sound Design – Completing the Experience

After color correction and picture lock, it’s time to add sound.

Like a DJ, you decide how to take your project from good to great using audio editing. Whether you’re adding sound effects or fixing glitches in the dialogue, audio editing and sound design make it easy for viewers to understand what’s going on, allowing them to become fully immersed in your project. From the roar of jet engines to the gentle tapping of rain on a roof, the small details of sound design make the experience even more enjoyable for your audience.

Get Experience in Video Editing at one of the best Film Schools in Chicago

With a growing market demand to fill post-production positions, now is the time to master the skills you need to succeed. As the top film school in Chicago, Tribeca offers a number of video editing programs through our Bachelor of Arts in Post-Production that can help you land the job you want, including:

  • in-house editor
  • freelance editor
  • post-production supervisor
  • sound designer
  • sound editor

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