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Life happens and these days it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find the time to do things you’ve always dreamed about. Between work, family and scheduling issues with school it almost seems impossible. But fear not, you always have options.

Tribeca Flashpoint’s online degrees are designed with the same unique learning spirit in mind as you would get on campus, but with the convenience of having control over your education. Work towards your degree on your time creating the perfect schedule that best fits your lifestyle. Online students have direct access to lectures from industry professionals, the opportunity to work on real world projects and develop the skills required to succeed as a creative in today’s fast paced world.

The pro’s of getting an online degree:

  • Same curriculum as on-campus students
  • Access to instructors that are also industry professionals
  • The opportunity to work on real-world projects from the comfort of your home
  • Developing a skill-set that will allow you to succeed in a wide variety of creative industries, with realistic workflow and deadlines.

If you have been asking yourself, “How will I be able to start or continue my education with everything I have going on in my life right now?” you might have just found the answer by getting a degree online.

The Virtual Classroom For Getting Your Degree Online

Lets Face it, It’s 2017 and everything is online. You watch TV get your news and even read books. Why wouldn’t you think about getting your education online?

All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go. By using a desktop, laptop or even your smart phone you can seamlessly connect to the Tribeca Flashpoint online curriculum portal. There you can watch lectures and demos from instructors, get real time feedback on projects and connect with like minded peers. It’s exactly like being on campus in a classroom but you are in control of your schedule.

“I am looking forward to learning through online because it’s a new experience. I am hoping that there will be some more flexibility with an online schedule that I think will fit my lifestyle better right now.” – Megann Holstein – Online Graphic Design + Interactive Media

Tribeca Flashpoint’s Online Degrees

So if you’ve been dreaming of growing as an artist and furthering your education, but still having it fit into your lifestyle, Consider getting an online degree. Tribeca Flashpoint offers a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design + Interactive Media and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Art. Get the same hands-on approach to learning but with the benefits of you picking the time and place to create.

If this sounds awesome, it’s because it is. No more excuses on why you can’t be living the dream you’ve always wanted. Everyone has a story to tell so learn, grow as an artist, and tell your story through art.

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