Film School: Why Location Matters


When deciding what film school is best for you, you have probably thought of things like the quality of education given, the degree programs offered, and student life on campus; these things are pretty important. But I bet beyond wondering what it might be like to live far from home, you haven’t given much thought to the location of your school. You probably haven’t asked yourself questions like what surrounds the school, if there are career opportunities in the area, or if the location is one you want to be in when you graduate?

It can be easy to overlook these things, but if you are a Film Major, these are questions you absolutely have to ask! Why? Well, when going to film school, location matters.

When picking the film school for you, consider these things about location:

1. Immersion into the industry

The film industry isn’t your ordinary industry. If you want to follow your passion 100% you have to do more than just practice your craft. You have to live it. Imagine having a community that is completely supportive of you. One where there isn’t just a niche for you in your school, but in the city. When you have opportunities surrounding you in your education AND in your everyday life, you are able to improve your skills without even knowing it.

In comparison to a location where the industry is hardly present, this makes all the difference.

2. Career Opportunities

You want to choose a college that has ties to local businesses and agencies where you have the ability to start preparing for your future. Take a look at what internships and on-campus jobs might be available through your college. Then move your attention to the areas surrounding the school and ask yourself if the film industry is prevalent enough to offer you potential job opportunities during the school year.

3. You’ll be here.

When you graduate college, you don’t graduate the city or town you lived in for four years. You have made friends, connections, and gotten familiar with the community. If you choose to leave the city or town that your college is located in, you are also choosing to leave the rest of it behind. When choosing a College for film, try to think of the future. Ask yourself, “Could I build a career hereA life here? Is this the place I want to grow my career after college?” If it isn’t, then you should consider colleges in an area that suits you and your career goals a little better.

Location probably wasn’t one of the main things you were considering in your film school decision, but hopefully now you understand why it is so important! You’re following your passion; pursuing a dream, don’t let something like geographical location get in your way!

For a little more info on our location visit our site! Or if you are unsure what you might want to do in film take a look at our career guide below to see a few common entry-level jobs you might pursue.

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