What To Look For When You Want to Attend One of the Best Films Schools in Chicago


If you’re in the Chicago area and aspire to a career in film, you may be asking yourself, “What is the best film school for me, and how can I be sure I’m going to get an education I can put to work in the real world?”

The programs offered at prestigious film schools today offer a wealth of outstanding programs, and choosing between them can be a difficult task. Luckily, there’s no reason to get frustrated…


…You just need to know what to look for. If you’re seeking Chicago-area film schools, you have options—all you need to do is figure out which will be best for you. So how can you identify the best film schools in Chicago? Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Location, Location, Location


The best film schools have a location that supports making industry connections by putting students in the midst of professional productions. A cultural hub like Chicago is an ideal place to study film, because Chicago has a large entertainment market that attracts a wealth of exciting film and television productions—not to mention opportunities for internships, jobs, and networking. A film school like Tribeca Flashpoint College will take advantage of its great location by connecting students with guest speakers, workshops, field trips, and more.

Hands-on Training


Obviously, hands-on training is a must when looking for the very best films schools in Chicago. After all, the most successful film professionals didn’t become that way just by reading something out of a school book—they had practical, hands-on training such as what’s offered at Tribeca Flashpoint College. Look for a school that will put equipment in your hands as quickly as possible. This way, you can maximize your time getting exposed to real-world workflows and problem-solving techniques: ideal preparation for the real-world of filmmaking.

Staff and Faculty with Industry Experience


Top film professionals learn from the best faculty, and the best faculty are generally professionals who have both been there and done that. At the best film schools in Chicago, students learn and receive mentorship from professionals who actually work in the film industry, whose lessons and advice are based on their real-world experiences.

Professional Equipment


The opportunity to actually use quality, professional equipment is also a must. After all, you can’t head into the industry after working with sub-par tools. Look for things like a professional broadcast studio, a screening room, post-production suites, and an array of industry-standard cameras and audio equipment, such as what’s offered at Tribeca Flashpoint College.

Post-graduation Assistance

The best films schools in Chicago won’t just throw you out on the street and hope for the best after graduation. After all, your goal is probably not to spend your days on a park bench surrounded by pigeons.


At Tribeca Flashpoint College, students can access the Career Services Department to make connections, create a professional website and resume, and gain the essential tools to help enter the working world. Be sure to look for a college like Tribeca Flashpoint that will offer graduates a lifetime of support, enabling them to maintain valuable connections and gain access to curated job opportunities to help them get to work and stay working in the industry.

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