Brad Etter

2010 Film Alumnus (LA)

  • Program: Film
  • Employer: BE Productions & Mr. Kate Productions
  • Position: Owner at BE Productions & Video Chair at Mr. Kate Productions
  • Website: &

Brad’s Story

As Owner and Writer/Director/Editor at my LA-based production company, BE PRODUCTIONS, I make metaphysical short films, features, and miniseries centered on social change and reclaiming inner divinity. As Video Chair at Mr. Kate Productions, I am responsible for directing and shooting high-production web content centered on interior design, house-flipping, fashion, and lifestyle with my wacky, creative team.

What do you like most about working with your current employer?

I love both of my current places of employment because one (BE Productions) allows me to express my dark and cinematic side, often involving the depiction of heavy social and spiritual concepts, while the other (Mr. Kate) conversely allows me to express my wild, glittery, and shameless millennial side. This balance of gravity and playfulness gives my LA career a rewarding well-roundedness.

At BE Productions, I am most grateful to have the platform to convey my perspective on important spiritual topics rooted namely in the soul’s experience of being human, told through the lens of fantastical metaphor. As the owner of a fledgling film company, every day is a new experience in balancing my practical and emotional sides: learning the ropes of owning a business while constantly in pre-production for new projects. Our first two films, “Morning Announcements” and “Me + You” have together won seven film festivals, and “Me + You” had the honor of screening in this past year’s Cannes Film Festival. Our next film, “Elevator,” will tackle the notions of karma and the afterlife, and there are many more to follow.

At Mr. Kate Productions, every shoot day is an opportunity to let my millennial wild child loose and see all of my talents glimmer. Mr. Kate, a lifestyle brand akin to Martha Stewart (just way crazier) redefines YouTube content, bringing better-than-TV-quality interior design series, fashion and jewelry look books, reality shows, and DIY content to fabulous life. No shoot is ever remotely the same: when not shooting innovative creative content our LA-based studio, our full-sized crew is all over LA, flipping gorgeous new media celebrity houses and changing lives with boss lady Kate Albrecht’s lavish interior design visions. Working at Mr. Kate for over the past 5 years has given my life color, glamor, and perpetually new and exciting challenges; it really is akin to working at a full-on television network. Check out our channel HERE.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in California?

As soon as I graduated from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in 2010 with a Directing focus, there really was no question that LA was going to be the backdrop of this next chapter of my life. Like countless others, the great plan to move here had been brewing behind my doe-eyes since I was a young child making the most ambitious Lego movies that my dad’s flip camera and steady hand movements would allow. I had a vision for a life of influence, of imparting social and spiritual truths, which I knew a career in film and video could fulfill. So far, it’s been just that.

What piece of advice do you have for TFC candidates currently job searching?

Really do some soul-searching. Listen deeply to your heart and ask it, first and foremost, who you are and what you wish to see differently in the world. I believe that our paths effortlessly magnetize to us when we put in the effort of magnetizing them. Every single one of us is a storyteller yearning to portray truth in a way that is totally unique and unprecedented. What stories are you questing to tell, and what cinematic weapons will you stock in your arsenal to make them heard?

Clamor. Make noise. Even if, for you, making noise means expertly dicing that Adobe Premiere timeline into an award-winning film, or capturing the pristine sound that makes the next Netflix show an immersive experience. Most of all, step out of theory and get on set, because no one project will be the same and will demand your

What piece of advice do you have for TFC candidates considering moving to LA?

If even a faint part of you is considering the move to LA, I say dive in with both feet. While I’ve seen many of my TFC peers move here and return home after just a few months or years, all of them were grateful for the chance to know for sure that it wasn’t right for them, at least at the time.

There really are an infinite number of ways to go with a career path in Los Angeles; this city is your oyster, as they say. When I first moved here in 2010, I had no inkling that I was about to embark on a 5-year journey working as an independent contractor for all sorts of entrepreneurial new media clients – including Mr. Kate, Blogilates, Taryn Southern, to name a few – which allowed me to constantly imagine and create content that required every aspect of my Jack-of-All-Tradesness: writing, directing, storyboarding, shooting, editing, and even dolly operation (my dad and I built this
handy door dolly in the garage of my Chicago home the summer before I moved out here and it has been my secret weapon
ever since!)

Set aside your preconceptions of what exactly you want, because you may not know what that is until it’s happening to you. This town is ready and available for your greatness – just wield your voice, get that show-stopping reel together, and show it who’s boss!

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