Brad Mortenson

2016 Design & VisCom Alumnus

  • Program: Design & VisCom
  • Employer: Ideology Entertainment
  • Position: Graphic Designer

Brad’s Story

What I like most about working at Ideology Entertainment, is that they let me work in every aspect of their design needs. So if it’s doing restaurant menus and how we can improve that, I’m the guy who is in charge of the design work, flow and experience; and they trust my expertise.

As far as advice is concerned, APPLY TO EVERY POSITION AVAILABLE! Seriously, anything to get experience under your belt. Hell, I got the position I’m in because I applied to an internship that loosely applied to Design. They had a need for a Designer and I was then offered a full-time position. So, don’t ever think you’re too good or good enough for a job, you’ll limit how much is out there for you to take.

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