Change of Enrollment Status


To withdraw from the institution, the student must contact the Office of Academic Affairs to sign the Student Withdrawal Form. The official withdrawal date will be the day signed paperwork is received by the Office of Academic Affairs.

A student can give verbal notice of withdrawal by speaking with or leaving a message on the voicemail of Student Services, Student Accounts or Financial Aid.

If a student expresses a desire to withdraw verbally, but not to the persons listed above, the employee (faculty or staff) who hears the potential intent to withdraw will send an email to alerting the administration of the potential to withdraw. This must occur the same day as the student’s statement. Individuals authorized to handle withdrawals will follow up with the student as your email to prompts a series of checkpoints to determine whether the student will withdraw or not.


A withdrawal is considered “Official” if student notifies the institution of the withdrawal within 14 days of the Last Date of Attendance (LDA).

If students withdraw or drop from classes, it will affect student’s eligibility for financial aid grants and loans. The student will be required to return/repay the dollar amount calculated as unearned aid. Students must contact the Office of Student Affairs to initiate the withdrawal process. Completion of proper withdrawal papers and procedures ensures withdrawal from the institution. If a student completely withdraws during a period of enrollment for which he/she received financial aid, the Financial Aid Office will determine the amount, if any, of the student’s financial aid award that must be returned based on a Federally mandated refund formula.


  • A withdrawal or dismissal is considered “Unofficial” if the student fails to notify the institution of the withdrawal, or provides notification after 14 days from the Last Date of Attendance (LDA) or due to failure to meet institutional policies.
  • The student doesn’t complete the official withdrawal process as defined above, but stops attending classes. Other institutional policies such as failure to meet SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) requirements, LDA policy, etc. will result in an unofficial withdrawal.


See “SAP Probation” and “Disciplinary Action Process” in student bulletin.


See “Disciplinary Action Process” in student bulletin.


A student can be dismissed from the institution for the following reasons:

  • Administrative: See “Disciplinary Action Process” and “SAP Dismissal”
  • No Contact: After a student fails to enroll in the next term in which his/her next class is scheduled, three attempts at contact will be made by the Registrar’s Office. If the student does not respond, he/she will be dismissed from the institution.
  • Absence: The unexplained absence of a student from the institution for more than 10 school days/14 calendar days shall constitute constructive notice of cancellation to the institution. For purposes of cancellation the withdrawal date will be 14 calendar days after the last recorded day marked present.
  • Financial: Students may be dismissed for financial reasons due to the non-payment of outstanding balances. Once the determination has been made to withdraw the student for financial reasons and the student has been notified, the withdrawal is final and the student cannot reenter during that term. Following a Financial withdrawal, the student must follow the formal re-entry process through the Office of Academic Affairs.


Flashpoint does not have a leave of absence policy.


Reinstatement is the same regardless of the circumstances of the student’s exit. Students must submit a written request, including the date submitted, to the Admissions Department.

The student must then meet with Student Services and the Chair of the student’s department and must complete the Flashpoint Chicago Re-Entry Form. Completion of the form and its evaluation by the Office of Academic Affairs and Chair of the department may result in a complete reinstatement or in subsequent meetings with the student, which may or may not include the student’s family. Further materials (documentation, references, etc.) may be required.

Flashpoint Chicago maintains a written record of all proceedings, and provides ample feedback regardless of the final decision. All re-entering students must complete a new Enrollment Agreement and will be charged the rate of tuition in effect at the time of re-entry.

Students who are reinstated are not extended scholarship assistance. Students may request consideration for assistance by written appeal to the TF Scholarship Committee and the Office of Academic Affairs. Scholarships are decided at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

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