Christon Thurston

2015 Design & VisCom Alumnus

  • Program: Design & VisCom
  • Employer: Media Process Group
  • Position: Production Assistant
  • Website:

Christon’s Story

The two biggest takeaways I’ve received from my employment with Media Process Group are exposure and experience. Working as a Production Assistant it can be easy to develop a stagnant mindset of doing “grunt” work or feeling low on the totem pole compared to your contemporaries. But having the opportunity to work on numerous projects and learn from some of the best in the world of film and media production has instilled the importance that everyone plays on the complete product no matter the role or position. Seeing your name in credits not only makes you proud but encourages you to keep pushing further.

If I could offer one nugget of advice to those transitioning from the academic world to the career field it would be “The 3 P’s” – practice purposeful patience with your search for employment. Understand that your dream job likely won’t be your first job, but it can be your future job. Most people get frustrated and impatient with the path it takes to reach that ideal position but don’t discredit those small steps necessary for the journey. Even if it’s not in your industry there’s no telling what doors might open or who you might be introduced to. Also network, network, network… Did I mention networking??

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