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Eddie Loera

2012 Animation & VFX Alumnus

  • Program: Animation & VFX
  • Employer: Hootenanny TV
  • Position: Finishing Assistant / VFX Artist
  • Website:

Eddie’s Story

I graduated from TFC in 2012 from the Animation & VFX program and I’m currently employed as a Finishing Assistant/VFX Artist at Hootenanny TV; a post production house, working mostly with television spots. I started full-time on 9/24/2012, right after freelancing for them for two weeks.

My favorite part of working at Hootenanny TV would have to be the environment and the people. The entire space has a very homey feel to it. Everyone that I work with is easy to get along with and they all have a great sense of humor. Working in a place like this makes it feel like you’re not always at work (which is a good thing!)

It’s really hard to give just one piece of advice to someone who will be, or is currently looking for work. There are so many things that play into the job search that it all seems daunting at first. I guess if there was only one thing I could say to a soon-to-be-graduate or recent graduate, is that you should never give up. If you truly love what you do, you’ll keep working on your craft even after you graduate. A very large majority of students who graduate will not have a job lined up for them right after they walk across the stage; I sure didn’t. Take what you can get, freelance work, internships, anything to get you in the door and continue growing and learning. So, I guess that’s my one piece of advice: never stop learning!

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