Frequently Asked Questions


How do I log in to the Student Portal?

  1. Visit the portal at https://portal.tribecaflashpoint.edu/secure/Student/loginstu.aspx
    Note: These pages must be viewed using Chrome or Safari. Unfortunately, the current version of Firefox is
    not supported.
  2. For first time log in, click ‘Create a New Account’ and enter the information as prompted, otherwise enter username and password. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.
  3. You will receive an email address verification message asking you to validate the address. If you click ‘No’ you will be notified that “Your account’s email address is either invalid or missing. Please contact flashpoint.helpdesk@columbiacollege.edu for further assistance.” Clicking ‘Yes’ will provide your username (i.e., the username will be pre-assigned) and prompt you to enter and confirm your password. Make sure to include hyphens in the SSN. Once you click ‘submit’ the message below will appear: Once you click on the link provided in the email, you will be notified that your account has been successfully created and you are able to log in to the portal – clicking ‘Ok’ will bring you to the login screen.

When are office hours for Career Services?

You can schedule an appointment by e-mailing: flashpoint.careerservices@columbiacollege.edu.

Can you find me an internship or a part-time job?

While we provide you with many resources that aid in your ability to secure employment (full-time, part-time, freelance) or an internship, we do not directly place students in positions. If you need assistance in searching for a job or internship, email flashpoint.careerservices@columbiacollege.edu to set up a time to meet.

How do I access the internship & part-time job board?

Log into the Campus Portal. Once you’ve logged in, click on the icon that says “My Career” on the lower left hand sign of the screen, then click “Jobs.” From there, you will be able to search all internships and part-time opportunities.

Can I get school credit for my internship?

Yes. If you secure an internship that requires school credit, send an email to flashpoint.careerservices@columbiacollege.edu and we will guide you through the process of approving the internship for school credit. TF-only grants school credit for internships where school credit is mandatory and required by the employer. If school credit is optional, then such internships are to be pursued by students on an independent basis without any involvement from TF.

When will field trips take place?

Field trips will take place every Friday during the month of October. You will receive e-mail notifications once the calendar has been finalized and registration has opened. If you have suggestions for companies in Chicago that you would like to see included, e-mail them to flashpoint.careerservices@columbiacollege.edu.

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