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Flashpoint Chicago’s Graphic Design + Interactive Media programs offer a diverse skill set combining timeless design principles, contemporary technologies, and emerging trends in graphic design.

Students interested in attending our school can choose from the following options:

Graphic Design Degrees:

Graphic Design + Interactive Media

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Program Length:

3-4 Years

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Design + Visual Communications

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Program Length:

1.5-2 Years

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Facilities & Equipment

Flashpoint graduates compete with graduates from the top graphic design schools in Chicago, in short, because of our school’s dedication to providing hands-on, practical training. At Flashpoint, you will immerse yourself in the world of graphic design while working with industry leaders. During your time at our downtown Chicago graphic design school, you will have opportunities to assemble a portfolio of original and client-based projects to help you get your career in graphic design started.


For students with a passion for graphic design, going to graphic design school in Chicago offers so many advantages. Chicago has been a national leader in the advertising industry for more than 100 years, and is still today home to some of the nation’s leading advertising and creative design firms.

At Flashpoint, we leverage the industry right here at home to give our students access to projects and real-world experiences you can only find at the top graphic design schools in Chicago. Interested in touring our facilities? Contact with us today!.


Flashpoint goes toe-to-toe with the top graphic design schools in Chicago. If you are accepted to our graphic design program, you will receive extensive graphic arts training, including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Experiential Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brand Management
  • Logo Design
  • Interface Design
  • Package Design

You will also receive training preparing you to:

  • Manipulate 2D images
  • Build basic interactive webpages
  • Develop a media campaign
  • Understand fundamental design processes
  • Understand basic design principles as applied to 3D package design and corporate marketing strategies across multiple mediums


Graphic Design isn’t a subject based in pure know-how, but one of creative exploration. Our faculty members, being working professionals, understand that. They take pride in guiding Graphic Design students along the path of self-discovery. To them, helping students find their own unique voices is as much a part of the job as teaching them the concrete skills they need to experiment, innovate, and create.

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Previous Offerings

Below are programs some of our students are currently taking, but are no longer available:

BA in Graphic Design + Interactive Media

AAS in Design + Visual Communication

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