Kris Franzen

2015 Recording Arts Alumnus

  • Program: Recording Arts
  • Employer: Franzen Audio
  • Position: Freelance Location Mixer
  • Website:

Kris’s Story

What I like most about working at my current employer…besides him being ruggedly handsome? For me, being self employed is very fulfilling knowing that at the end of every job I provided the highest quality work possible to my clients. The best part of my job is that every day is different and I am constantly experiencing new challenges.

As far as advice is concerned, remember to look in places that most other candidates will overlook. In today’s industry almost every single company has some sort of a multimedia presence. Also when you first begin your career say yes to as many opportunities to both further your reel and professional network. Remember that it is a small and closely knit industry so always leave a great impression.

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