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Learning Success Program

Benefit from the Learning Success Program!

The Learning Success Program is an academic program for students who need assistance with establishing and maintaining a positive academic track record. If you fall below our typical requirements for admittance, students who demonstrate potential may be admitted as part of the Learning Success Program. This Program includes weekly tutoring, support from our Success Team, and specialized access to academic support programs. Students will benefit from having personalized tutoring sessions that match their academic needs, a Success Team in place working with them to improve their academic performance, and supplemental programs tailored to best assist the students. Students maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 after two consecutive terms are no longer required to participate in the program but may continue to receive tutoring if they choose.

Meet the Success Team!  

Throughout your time here, the success team will be available to provide you with resources to help aid in your success.

April Cheverette, Learning Commons Coordinator

April is here to help with any supplemental instruction you may need.  This includes writing, math, time management, or your discipline courses.  April is also the librarian and can help you obtain materials that you may need in terms of books, movies, or reliable articles for research papers.

Beth Cooper, Student Services and ADA Manager

Beth is here to serve as a support system and resource for any and all things that may contribute to your success. Questions about attendance, grades, class, or personal issues/questions can all go to her. If you’ve had an IEP or 504 plan or have utilized accommodations in the past, Beth is your point of contact to ensure you receive the access you need.

Download the Learning Success Program Student Agreement Here.

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