Student Life Meet Your Student Affairs Team

Meet Your Student Affairs Team

Our Mission

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs department is engaged in all aspects of student life. As a department we collaborate not only with students but with our faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and many others to deliver key services and support to students and all whom the department serves.

Student Affairs provides programs and services that support the growth of Flashpoint students and enhance their intellectual, social, cultural and professional development, by providing opportunities for students to experience education and explore interests beyond the classroom. Some of our key responsibilities include:

  • Campus Life Health & Wellness
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Career Services

We look forward to working with each incoming class and growing with our students during their time at Flashpoint Chicago and beyond.

Student Affairs Department Members

Kelly Parker

VP of Student Affairs

As the VP of Student Affairs, Kelly sets the overall strategy and the vision for both the Student Services and Career Services Department and engages internal and external stakeholders to help prepare Flashpoint students to live, work and lead in a digital society. In addition, Kelly leads the organization for all Career Fairs, Portfolio Shows, and Career Services Week – a 5 day event held in the Spring, dedicated to hosting various panels, workshops, and Q&A sessions with top industry professionals. Both students and alumni are welcome to set up a one-on-one meeting with Kelly at any time, by sending an email or calling her direct line at: 312-506-4624.

Carlos Baldizón Martini

Director of Career Development & Alumni Relations

As the Director of Career Services, Carlos is the link between employers and Flashpoint alumni and students. As a career advocate, Carlos’ role is part recruiter and part Career Services advisor. He focuses on providing alumni and students with the tools and resources necessary to undergo an effective and successful job search, and pays close attention to the essential etiquette required for the process. He also builds relationships with employers in order to properly assist them with their hiring needs. Carlos manages the Alumni Job Board, the Career Services website and helps organize Career Services Week, Career Fair, and Internship Fair as they are key events specifically geared towards connecting employers and Flashpoint talent. Once you graduate, you’ll be hearing a lot from him, so be sure to check your inbox and voicemail regularly to avoid missing out on industry events and employment opportunities. These opportunities may consist of freelance, part-time, full-time or paid internship opportunities.

Beth Cooper

Student Success & ADA Manager

As the Student Services Manager, Beth is your main point of contact and specialist for all things related to student life while you’re in school. She provides academic guidance, leadership, engagement, and maintains partnerships across campus for the purpose of improving both your academic and professional success. Beth partners with the Registrar as well as Faculty in order to track and monitor student retention. You’ll be getting a lot of emails from her, so be sure to check your inboxes regularly to avoid missing out on very important information. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to Beth and she’ll assist you further.

Juliet Barrett

Career Development Coordinator

As Career Development Coordinator, Juliet is a primary resource for students in helping them develop professionals skills during their Flashpoint journey. Her work focuses on developing relationships with the students through counseling specific to their goals, as well as designing programming relevant to their needs. She organizes workshops, panel discussions, and industry outings as consistent resources for students to explore professional strategies. She also oversees the annual Internship Fair and provides support for students during the Career Fair as they navigate employment opportunities. If you see her around campus, say hello and schedule a time to meet!

Will Hampton

First Year Experience Coordinator

As First Year Experience Coordinator, Will is the main point of contact for all first year students at Flashpoint. His focus is to help new students with their transition as they adjust to culture here on campus. He organizes workshops, social events, and weekly meetings so first year students can learn different strategies to be successful in the classroom, as well as enjoy their time out of the classroom as well. He supports students academically by monitoring their academic progress throughout the year. His door is always open, and he welcomes the opportunity to learn more about students. If you see him around campus, say hello and schedule a time to meet!

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