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Military Aid and Private Loans

Military Aid

Flashpoint Chicago is approved by the applicable state approving Agency to participate in many Veterans’ Educational Benefit programs. Students interested in Veterans’ Educational Benefits should contact the Financial Aid Office. Veterans who are unsure of their benefit eligibility or have additional eligibility questions should contact the Veterans Administration at (800) 827-1000, or (888) GI Bill-1, or go to Eligible students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress and all applicable eligibility requirements to continue receiving Veterans’ Educational Benefits.  Veterans Benefits are approved by the Illinois State Approving Agency.


Private loans are available to undergraduate and graduate students from Sallie Mae* and other financial institutions and are designed to fill the gap after exploring federal student aid. Unlike federal student loans, private loans are not sponsored or guaranteed by government agencies and do not require completion of a federal form to qualify. Private loan eligibility requirements, interest rates and terms vary from lender to lender. Private loans are credit-based, thus applying with a cosigner may help students access a lower interest rate. Many lenders offer private loans to help cover up to 100 percent of the cost of attendance, less other financial aid received. For Sallie Mae loans, the school’s financial aid office certifies the cost of attendance and funds are disbursed directly to the school. For additional information on the Sallie Mae Student Loan, please visit Sallie Mae online at

* Flashpoint is not associated with the federal government.

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