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Mitchel Mussatto

2011 Film & Broadcast Alumnus

  • Program: Film & Broadcast
  • Employer: Junior Giant Productions
  • Position: Director
  • Website:

Mitchel’s Story

As a small business owner I enjoy the challenges that accompany every aspect toward making a piece of media. Managing a team of creatives toward a common vision while balancing the financial and logistical end of each project. There’s a lot of long hours, 7 days a week of meetings, shoots, networking, you name it. It all pays out in the incredible satisfaction of seeing your initial idea reach it’s potential as a piece of media.

The best advice I could give is to embrace opportunity. Opportunities will come at the most unexpected, inconvenient times. The willingness to commit to new chances, regardless of your current situation, is crucial. You never know how far your next job can take you. Be open to changing direction. Say yes as often as you can, work tirelessly, and you’ll find the career that is most rewarding to you.

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