Sam Johnston

2014 Film Alumnus

  • Program: Film
  • Employer: Editor
  • Position: Trillium Productions

Sam’s Story

Sam is currently a Video Editor at Trillium Productions, LLC. Sam’s passion project for the past year has been a video podcast called “the sesh”, which gets up close and personal with up-and-coming artists.

The first season is underway and Sam’s team is just about to start production on season two. Sam and his team recently partnered with TFC for the duration of the season. Because this is a music show, students from all departments can be involved and will get hands-on experience in television and concert production. It’s not only a fun initiative to be a part of, and not to mention, the great connections participating students could make with participating artists.

Check out the promo trailer of the sesh, as well as other content HERE!

We asked Sam a few questions and here’s what he had to say!

What do you like most about working at Trillium Productions, LLC?

Trillium Productions, LLC has been a great experience as my first job out of school. They focus mostly on industrial and educational films, which is not a part of the industry that I knew much about. Though it is not necessarily the part of the industry that I want to ultimately work in, it has been wonderful to work in the industry in some capacity and learn about industrial and educational films. Also, it is a very small company (I am usually one of only five people in the office), so I have taken on a lot more responsibility than I would at a larger production company.

How did your experience at TFC help your professional development path?

TFC constantly gives you the opportunity to produce work with a group of your peers, which is exactly what you’ll be doing in this industry everyday. I think the school does a great job of introducing you to what it is like to be on a set, problem-solving with a team, and respecting your peers. Professionalism on set, and even in an office, shows your employer that you take the work and yourself seriously.

What would you look for if you were in the position to hire new graduates from TFC?

I would be looking for someone who can show up to set, ready to tackle any problem that we encounter, but can also laugh about it after. As much as it can be long and tiring, working on a production is supposed to be fun! I want to work with people who have the same amount of passion that I have. In my experience, a happy crew equals a happy final product. If you’re not having any fun doing this, then what’s the point?

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I would definitely involve myself more in productions that were happening off campus. There’s so much going on at the school that it’s easy to only focus on that. But so many students are doing their own things! Your peers are the ones that you will be working with when you graduate school, so start building those connections earlier rather than later.

What piece of advice do you have for TFC candidates currently job searching?

My biggest piece of advice is to trust yourself and your skill set. This is a very difficult industry that comes with a lot of rejection and there will be times in which you doubt yourself. But if you are persistent and confident, then you will find yourself in a position that you want to be. All the rejection will be worth it in the end.

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